Devastation in the fishing harbors of the Islands

From Grande-Entrée to Havre-Aubert, it is the devastation in the fishing ports subjected to the onslaught of the waves which, under the breath of the post-tropical cyclone Fiona, reach six to eight meters, according to Environment Canada. In the harbor of Pointe-Basse, among others, the water level was so high on Saturday morning, at high tide, that the cords of the wharf were torn off. Germain Cyr, captain of the “Double 00” from Grande-Entrée, said he had tears in his eyes when he went to the wharf on Saturday morning. He says that the sea completely destroyed the dyke, which served as shelter for the sector. His boat may have come out of the water, but he doesn’t believe it is sheltered from the wind, leaning against its supports. >click to read< 12:16

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