Nanaimo Poacher/ Hired Skipper Scott Steer found guilty of selling large quantities of illegally caught fish. Owner alerted DFO

863a4ac9dc_64635696_o2“We don’t condone illegal fishing,” said Chris “Heras. “He’s basically poaching, and that’s very detrimental to any fishery.” Worldwide Seafoods hired Steer as a skipper for their 50-foot fishing vessel, the Pacific Titan, in July 2010 with instructions to fish for tuna.

  • Scott Steer has been a well known poacher for years.What he was convicted of was a small percentage of the illegl fishing he had been doing right up to the day of his sentancing.He has cost honest fisherman money from steeling outside of seasons and creating stress to other fishers knowing he is taking away their livelihoods.Scott is well known by most fishers in his roll of recruiting honest first nations people to help him in his poaching schemes to sell fish and shellfish under native food fishing licences.His penalty was too light for his crimes if anyone deserved the maximum penaltys by law it should of been him