Skipper keeps it ‘reel’ for new Trawlermen series

A Well-known Banffshire fisherman is set to feature in the latest series of BBC2’s Trawlermen: Hunting the Catch. John Clark, will take to the small screen next week when the spotlight falls on the work of his twin rig trawler Reliance III and her crew. “Last year the film company, Frank Films, approached me again and asked if they could do some filming on the boat. “I was up for it but I asked them to do the filming in winter, to get the camera guys on board the boat when it’s Force 8 or 9 gales not flat calm so people can see what fishing is really like and why it can be so dangerous. “I’ve got to take my hat off to them, though. The weather was horrendous – it was Force 10 at one point – but they were great, they held themselves really well. Photos, >click to read< 19:54

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