It takes a village: Owner of F/V Shayna Michelle stuck on beach talks about rescue efforts

The Coast Guard was called in to rescue the four-man crew after they anchored down about two miles off the coast of Myrtle Beach.”We expect it to end up on the beach, but there’s also possibilities of pumps and other things quitting, causing the boat to sink. It gets you nervous there,” Aaron Robinson, owner of the Shayna Michelle, said. The anchor line snapped during the storm, and eventually, the boat washed up on shore. Robinson said the tiring effort to get his boat back in the water was something that could only happen with dedication and lifelong friendships. The Varnam family played a big role in orchestrating the effort, along with many other locals that had the resources, manpower, and knowledge needed to make this successful. Thousands of pounds of rope and a couple of excavators made it happen. >click to read< 08:53

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