For local commercial fishermen, their work is also a passion and a relationship to Monterey Bay.

Neil Gugliemo comes from a long line of fishermen. His great grandfather, his grandfather, his father and his uncles were all fishermen. Gugliemo started his fishing career near Los Angeles in San Pedro, fishing for halibut, crab, swordfish and lobster. Now he looks for sardines, mackerel and squid. “Monterey is a beautiful place to fish,” he says. Leaving in the evenings on weeknights, the 80-and-a-half year-old – he insists on noting the half – heads out to drop his net and collect fish. “It is getting harder and harder. The price of fuel, insurance, the regulations and price of fish is affecting the way I can survive,” he explains. “The price of sardines hasn’t gone up. Five years ago it was around $1,000 for a ton, today it is about $1,017. >click to read< 09:06

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