Snowsuits, bits of destroyed homes being scooped out of sea post-Fiona

Shawn Bath says his team has pulled an estimated 80,000 pounds of debris from Newfoundland’s waters in the month since storm Fiona’s destruction, mostly parts of people’s homes and personal belongings. Starting the week after Fiona hit, his team of up to five people has removed between two and six boatloads of debris per day. The storm destroyed dozens of homes in Newfoundland, sweeping many of them right out to sea along the island’s southwest coast. Some things retrieved from the sea, like fishing gear, are being documented in the hope they can be returned to their owners, but Bath said much of it has been damaged beyond use. Bath’s team were able to untangle and free the lobsters before they perished. But he said there could be hundreds of other nets under the water with the potential to tangle and kill thousands of lobsters and other sea life. Photos, >click to read< 19:22

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