The ENGO Media Pollution Machine is in High Gear! – ‘Disaster’ funds must be used to improve groundfishing in the long term

President Barack Obama’s decision to declare the New England groundfishery,,,,,,,,Without the catch share program – a cooperative system that gives fis,,,,,,,,,,No one wants to see a return to the old, dangerous and wasteful “days-at-sea” ,,,,,,,,

  • What a pathetic joke of a story. I can remember fishing back in the 1970's before the Magnussen Stevens act. There were fleets of foreign boats off our coasts. When populations fell they would target something else or move on. Just as we did. Simple self regulating system. Perfect? No.

    But given a choice of what we had then to what we have now with big government strangling everyone I'll take my chances with the foreign fleets.

    This whole catch share system is a scam. Designed to fail as it has everywhere else it has been implemented. Please see below. It's detailed and long but it will show the truth instead of this green koolaid whitewash.