Stepping Away – Furlong | Blunt truths I learned at The Broadcast – Loved every second of it

photo_1376872_resizeIt was April 11th, 2005. The theme rolled, the red light went on,,,, I’ve learned so many things about our province and the fishery through The Broadcast. And I’ve loved every second of it. I loved the passion of fishermen like Leo Seymour in Harbour Round and Conway Caines in Port Saunders, the pluck of people like Mildred Skinner in Harbour Breton and David Cassell in Roddickton, and the rich accents of people like John Hewitt in Trepassey and Emma Hay in Nain. The wisdom of Jack Troake in Twillingate always made me smile, and the observers like Gus Etchegary always kept it interesting. [email protected]


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