Fisherman Survival, Perverted ENGO Logic, and another NOAA/NMFS Fumble. Plan to reopen New England fishing spots debated

BOSTON (AP) – A plan to allow certain New England fishermen back into fishing  grounds where they’ve long been banned was so objectionable to environmentalists  that two groups sued to kill it months before it was officially released. And after the proposal was unveiled last week, fishermen who once backed the  idea called the plan a useless gesture that does nothing for their struggling  industry. None of the criticism surprises the Northeast’s top fishing regulator, John  Bullard. But he says it doesn’t mean the proposal to reopen 3,000 square miles  of Atlantic Ocean can’t work. “We recognize it’s probably not going to make anyone happy,” Bullard said. But,  he added, “We think it’s a responsible way to make abundant stocks accessible to  people.” [email protected]

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