Letter: Trip limits would make fisheries worse Captain PAUL COHAN F.V. Sasquatch, Gloucester

To the editor: Wasn’t one of the big selling points for catch shares — or as I call it, catch scams —  the elimination of trip limits and their inherent discards?

So now NOAA and the enviros are talking about re-instating “inshore” trip limits to solve a problem of their own making,

when they can’t even differentiate between George’s Bank cod and Gulf of Maine cod when it comes down to where they were landed or caught.

This represents a giant step backwards. It is the worst of both worlds. and once again the smaller day boats will pay the bill.


  • borehead

    The fishermen have only one group that can save them from extiction.


    But cat herding is an almst impossibe task!

    I have found fishermen to be some of the most insightful inividuals on the planet, but for some reason they can't seem to find creative ways to save themselves from the destruction of the "stakeholders" that are non reliant on actually having to catch something to survive.


  • borehead

    With all the slick whores that have lined up for the kill, to sit atop the gut pile and feast, its no wonder this scheme went into effect. But then, the stock assessments were painting a rosy picture of recovery. Now that severe cut backs are projected, everyone is scrambling.
    If all fishermen, including the marginalized crewmen don't unite, and fight the EDF/Walmart bag lappers, They're all done.