National Ocean Policy: A New Bureaucracy That Could Compromise Regional Fisheries Management By Stephanie Madsen

The most disappointing aspect of the Obama Administration’s relationship with the Pacific Northwest/Alaska commercial fishing industry is its rigid and inflexible approach in creating a National Ocean Policy (NOP). In July 2010, President Obama issued Executive Order 13547, formally establishing an ocean policy, creating new councils and committees throughout the federal government, and directing agencies to undertake a broad array of new oceans-related activities.
While the fishing and fish processing sectors could embrace many aspects of the NOP initiative, several aspects of the NOP are so unpalatable that we cannot support the policy going forward ,,,,,,,,Read More

  • AlaskaGal

    The Red Queen raises her ugly head! The entire country can thank Stephanie Madsen for Catch Shares. It wasn't enough that she pushed an agenda that destroyed 1200 crab crew jobs, she even had to give processors quota shares. So as far as a National Ocean Policy goes, what is she afraid of? Could this be a case of 'My enemy's enemy is my friend'?