Fertilizers and sewage contain nitrogen and phosphorus suck oxygen out of water and kill marine life.

Its the sewerage treatment plant’s I tell ya! The  Conservation Law Foundation should recognize this as the real ocean issue.

The study may have real policy implications, especially in New England communities struggling with waterways choked by algae sparked in part by nutrients. For years, governments have often argued that they are respon­sible only for pollution problems in surface waters that can be traced directly to a source, said Christopher Kilian, clean water program director for the Conservation Law Foundation. But the study, he said, points to the need for regulatory agencies to deal with nitrogen emanating from a broad array of sources that may have more subtle, yet deeply harmful, ­environmental impacts. “It creates more urgency to deal with nitrogen and phosphorus pollution pouring into our waterways from so many sources,’’ said Kilian. http://www.bostonglobe.com/lifestyle/health-wellness/2012/10/17/plum-island-salt-marshes-may-disintegrating-from-fertilizer-and-sewage-nutrients/5YRk5IFYHyaB47rLQ18VaM/story.html

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