LI fisherman’s death inspires change to permit law

Assemb. Fred Thiele on Thursday said he introduced legislation that would end a technicality barring commercial fishing licenses from being passed to family members who don’t live at the home of the original permit holder. [email protected]

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  1. Chris Scola says:

    Thiele only has it partially right. These permits should be available for sale or lease to any persons that meet the criteria to qualify for a NYS food fish permit. Currently anyone who meets financial stipulations set by the state can qualify to enter a lottery for a food fish permit. Unfortuneately only some species are allowed to be harvested with this permit. The 2 most valuable species in the state,Fluke and Striped Bass are not covered and require seperate permits which are still under a moratorium even though its been acknowledged that both stocks are rebuilt and not being overfished.These permits must be made available so new entrants in the fishery can have the same oppurtunities as established long time fishermen.

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