Deepwater Wind Statement on BOEM’s Announcement of Wind Energy Area for Rhode Island and Massachusetts

“Deepwater Wind applauds today’s announcement by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management. We are one step closer to making a regional utility-scale offshore wind farm a reality, serving Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Long Island, New York. Our Deepwater Wind Energy Center, planned for the site in federal waters announced by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) today, is the largest planned renewable……….Offshore wind can be constructed and operated in our ocean waters without significant impacts to the important fishing industry. While we firmly believe that offshore wind and commercial fishing can co-exist and thrive in our ocean waters,,,,,,,,,,,Deepwater Wind will soon hire an experienced and respected fisherman from this region to serve as our liaison to the fishing community.  Deepwater Wind commits itself to a development and permitting process in which various fishing interests blah blah blah blah, William M. Moore, Deepwater Wind CEO

  • borehead

    Can't wait see who they hire.

  • What are the odds that they hire a cape cod hooker?

    • borehead

      9 ti1!
      It will be some loser that is willing to sell himself out to facilitate the eco destruction of the ocean bottom four hundred years of fishing could never do.
      Click that Town Hall link! Thats the shit, man.
      All these slimy lowlifes in one tidy little place! Go Green!!!!!

  • borehead – Moderator

    Edited the title. Origional, “Heres some real Horseshit”!