Lobsterman, Beverly at odds over mooring – To be blunt, Beverly Solicitor Roy Gelineau sounds like……

BEVERLY — A local lobsterman is fighting his eviction from a Beverly Harbor mooring slip, claiming that city officials are using his history of late fee payments as an excuse to begin clearing working boats like his from the waterfront — a claim the city’s attorney called “utter nonsense.” City Solicitor Roy Gelineau was blunt: Zdanowicz’s late payments are “chronic.” Although Zdanowciz paid his late slip fees in June, the city last month moved ahead with the process of booting him from the harbor, citing his long history of late payments and the legal costs of recouping those fees. And if he doesn’t move the boat, the city solicitor warned in a July 18 letter, the city will have the U.S. Marshals seize it — and send Zdanowicz the bill for that, as well. [email protected]

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