In the Guest Writer Column – The Massachusetts commercial striped bass fishery. Poster child for an abused resource – John Rice, Director, CIIFA

The Massachusetts commercial striped bass fishery. This fishery is the poster child for an abused resource. The MA DMF policies and regulations for the striper fishery are directly responsible for 2013 being the shortest season ever recorded since the fishery  re-opened.  Read more by John Rice in the Guest Writer Column


    There was a Moratorium Date established for Commercial Licenses it’s time that it comes into play.

  • Chris Scola

    Besides a control date for Bass licenses there should be an income requirement. Maybe you should have to prove that 50% of your income comes directly from fishing and stricter residency requirements.But no matter what all gamefish only bills must be defeated. And really, why are legislators from Mass even listening to a bunch of sporties from Maine?