Baker | There’s no sense being deluded about a cod comeback – Rethinking the future of the province’s cod fishery

Atlantic-Cod-Dieter-CraasmannFor the benefit of those who haven’t been around the actual fishery a lot since the wild and crazy days of the early 1990s, let me clear up any confusion about the cod fishery in Newfoundland and Labrador: There will never be a cod fishery in this province again like we saw in the past, pre-1992. To suggest otherwise is pure ignorance of fact; or else it’s a blatant attempt to romanticize and/or politicize notions of the good old days, geared to capitalize on “motherhood and apple pie” appeal of such a theory to spark the occasional vote.Along the northeast coast of Newfoundland, cod is currently considered a nuisance; [email protected] 11:48

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