So. Let me get this Straight! Failure of weather buoy could endanger fishermen, but NOAA don’t have the dough to FIX IT??

A buoy failure off the coast of Half Moon Bay threatens the safety of commercial and recreational fishermen as well as other vessels during the more dangerous winter season, fishermen say. [email protected]

They can provide funding for costume parties for their lawyers in Philly, and call it “training”, performance bonuses from the AFF, have “contests” to award prizes to grant applicants from the S-K Fund, announce today that they awarded close to half a million dollars in funds to support nine educational projects in New England to provide hands-on learning experiences for K-12 students to foster greater understanding of and connection to local watersheds, I could continue, but they can’t find the money to fix Buoy Station 46012? HEY! Chuck Grassley! When the HELL are them NOAA heads gonna ROLL?!!!

  • This doesnt surprise me. In Key West they had a similar situation with the weather station at Sand Key . The Key West pilots rely on this station for guiding cruise ships to the island but NOAA said there was no money to fix it. If the pilots make a mistake because they dont have enough weather information the result could be the destruction of a coral reef that the feds spend millions on to preserve and protect. Why does NOAA have no accountability, if anyone in the private sector(minus wallstreet) screwed up as often as they do the people in charge would have there asses handed to them.

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    These clowns continue along just like the old days, Chris.
    If we don’t turn the volume up like it was when Richard broke ground for this industry in the media, its all gonna slip back to the way it was.
    Richard Gaines made any progress for accountability happen. No one else.

    Anyone that says different is full of shit.

    I dragging Grassley into this.

    You can read what he said about NOAA heads rolling.

    His office WILL be getting this.