Record number of schooners in this weekend’s Gloucester Schooner Festival – historic dory fishing schooner “Adventure” to race

“This is a very exciting time for the Adventure and her supporters as she returns to her place among the historic tall ships” says Schooner Adventure Executive Director Joanne Souza. “She will be racing for the Mayor’s Cup on Sunday of Gloucester Schooner Festival, but in the near future, she will be sailing so supporters and visitors will be able to experience the life of a Gloucester fisherman at the beginning of the 21st century.” [email protected] 08:36

Schooners participate in the festival 1. Adirondack III 2. Adventure 3. Adventurer 4. American Eagle 5. Ardelle 6. Bald Eagle 7. Brilliant 8. Estrela 9. Fame 10. Green Dragon 11. Humble 12. Irena 13. Lewis Story 14. Light Reign 15. Liberty Clipper 16. Morning Light 17. Perception 18. Roseway 19. Sugar Babe 20. Thomas Lannon 21. Tillicum I 22. Tyrone 23. Virginia

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