Outdoors: Politicians friendly to fisherman sometimes do them no favors. Do me a favor. Stick with writing about moose, will ya?

The Senate race in Massachusetts could affect our region’s fish resources. In televised messages, Sen. Scott Brown tells us that our commercial fishermen (my son is one of them) need more help, that they’ve been over-regulated, excessively fined and unfairly punished. Brown is essentially echoing the same message against commercial fishing regulations that Mitt Romney earlier expressed at a campaign event in April in Portsmouth, N.H., trying to convince voters that protective policies choke small business growth. The two Republican politicians’ solution to deregulate the fishing industry could actually hurt it. Commercial fishermen like Adam Smith, who was forced out of the industry, confides he couldn’t make a living with current regulations. But the real reason he and others like him are out of business is that there aren’t enough fish. Read more.http://www.telegram.com/article/20121026/COLUMN10/110269768/1009/SPORTS#.UIqUoIXGDxQ

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