A follow up to yesterday’s Somethin’ ain’t adding up here – NSEDC fisheries dispute with long-time critic gets nasty

Fisherynation Featured writer and Groundswell Fisheries Movement’s Stephen Taufen sent me an email last night with an article attached that he wrote that ran in Alaska Report that should be read when looking at the history of Alaskan CDQs and of course, the history of Tim Smith and Norton Sound Economic Development Corp (NSEDC). An article linked here from Alaska Journal NSEDC fisheries dispute with long-time critic gets nasty”  was short on detail’s of the beginning of a very long running tussle that has turned into accusations Tim Smith being a stalker, while in reality, he seeks open process.  12:11

But Taufen’s 2009 article opens up much more than the feud, it brings back the issues of the Community Development Quota (CDQ)  and raises the question, should this issue be addressed in the Reauthorization of MSA?

Alaska fishery CDQ group suffers as tightly-closed fraternity: Dear Ted Stevens, How much does a seat on a CDQ group’s Board cost today?

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