SITTING IN: How wrong is the Pew mantra? Dr. Carmine Gorga

liars-all-aroundsGloucester —I have heard it so many times, that I call it the Pew Mantra. What is the  evidence that NGO’s environmentalists offer to prove that family fishing vessels  engage in overfishing? What are the “facts” on which they build their case?  Well, this is what they tell us: At each passing, bottom trawlers scrape the  floor of the ocean and, just like clear-cutting forests, make a desert out of  it. Sounds so convincing doesn’t it? [email protected]
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  1. Chuck says:

    Most of the ocean floor — particularly where trawlers work — is and always has been — a watery desert. Draggers can’t work where there’s a lot of plant growth — they won’t catch any fish and they damage and lose their gear. BTW — any plant growth on the ocean floor is seasonal algae which is the fastest growing organism on the planet — take it away and it grows back in a matter of days. Life in the sea is based in the water itself — not in the soil as on dry land.

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