I’ll be damned! An editorial about fishing from southcoasttoday! Our View: A bad day of fishing …

We don’t hear much from the newspaper in the highest money port in the nation, another New England port in serious trouble. Shamefully they rarely have any coverage of the issues facing the fishermen and businesses that are dependent on them. They do like those windfarm articles though, and are quite vocal about the “future” of Cape Wind and New Bedford’s anticipated roll in it, which is counter productive to the industry that has enriched New Bedford, the troubled fishing industry.

Our View: A bad day of fishing …Our congressional delegation continues to push for loans to help the struggling groundfishermen and for grants to help those for whom loans will be too little too late. But the best hope for the struggling sector may be found in this: “People are going to have to change.” That’s what John Bullard,,, [email protected]sct logo 02:23

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