How Government shutdown will Affect NOAA Emloyees and other agency’s

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, based in Silver Spring,  will lose about half of its staff in the face of a shutdown. According to a  recent Commerce Department document outlining its shutdown plan, roughly 6,600  NOAA employees would stay on the job. Most of those workers would come from the National Weather Service, which is  required to continue functioning because its work can identify “imminent threats  to protect life and property.” In addition, about 500 employees from the  National Marine Fisheries Service, which regulates and enforces laws related to  marine wildlife, would also stay on the job. However, even with those exceptions, approximately 5,400 NOAA employees —  about 45 percent of the agency’s workforce — would be sent home. [email protected] 20:18  4 comments

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  1. billy bullard says:

    shuting down the nmfs is the best thing to happen to the fishing community ever!!!! And a great way to save wasted money. How does it feel to be out of a job ?.ASSHOLES !!!

    • live free says:

      Yeah your right,these people have a huge budget to put people out of work.thats what I call karma.

      • Dandog says:

        Sad fact is that these guys will be able to get unemployment bennys after not workin for 10 days,unlike the rest of the unemployed fishermen they put outta business,time for a revolution,come in!

    • mark athas says:

      Why are they are assholes ? Just because they have federal jobs ? The entire House just voted to provide back pay to furloughed feds once the shut down ends. So let me get this straight, paying feds to stay home is saving wasted money ? And there are literally dozens of cases of hunters and commercial fishermen not being able to get vital information or access because of the shut down.

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