INEXCUSABLE! BP’s well control executive says he was unprepared for U.S. Gulf blowout

On day three of the second phase of a federal trial in New Orleans over the accident in the Gulf of Mexico, BP’s James Dupree also said “yes” when asked if the company was “starting from scratch” when it scrambled to stop the leak. BP lawyer Mike Brock sought to show the company was as well-prepared for the leak as any other firm. [email protected] 10:40

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  1. So Obama wants to grid off the Ocean to open opportunities to lease large Areas and take away our fishing rights to gamble on the outcome of WELL planned projects that risk the Planet like BP.
    Not to mention Government solutions like Jane Lubcenco PhD’s Head of NOAA’s decision to allow BP to use COREXIT. That move earned her the title of “Most Dangerous Woman on the Planet”.
    Out of sight out of MIND this isn’t over Agent Orange will look like the common Cold when all is said and DEAD.