Who is this stooge, and why does he want to destroy the fishing grounds of the East Coast?

Public comments? I just made mine in the title.

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) is requesting public comment on an environmental assessment (EA) for an area in federal waters off   Massachusetts where commercial wind energy development would take place.

“Responsible development of abundant wind energy in places like offshore   Massachusetts is a key part of the Obama Administration’s all of the above   energy strategy,” says BOEM Director Tommy P. Beaudreau. “At the same time, we must ensure that the potential effects of wind energy development on other resources, such as marine mammals and fishing, are closely analyzed and that appropriate protections are put in place,” he adds.

And allow me to add Tommy, you’re fulla shit! Appropriate protections? Keep that junk out of the water. BH http://www.rechargenews.com/energy/wind/article326664.ece

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  1. borehead says:

    I guess the wind only blows out in the ocean where the fish are, not in tight where the fish ain't, right?


    The Mountains and Plains would provide the most consistent Air Flow. Not to mention considerably cheaper to construct and would be available year round for service. At Sea Wind Mills would be a major waste of Money. They'd definately would be Blowing there Money on this venture.
    Don't forget when the Power stops we pay PREMIUM for the make up Power.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Makes a lot of sense doesn’t it? Take a very sophisticated piece of machinery and insert it into a salt water enviornment. Yup, no problems there.

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