PETA: Linda ‘Mean’ Maims Lobsters and Crabs—See What’s Being Done About It! – These people are CRACKED!

What’s crustier than a crustacean? An angry former Marine who was so sickened after watching video footage captured by PETA in Linda Bean’s Maine Lobster (LBML) slaughterhouse that he dashed off an angry e-mail to Ms. Bean herself. And to lend lobsters and crabs a helping hand, we’ve created another outstanding ad for people to share on Twitter and Facebook to raise awareness about LBML’s cruelty to crustaceans: [email protected]  15:37


  • Chris Scola

    PETA members should be rounded up and brought to a beautiful tropical island with no food and little water but abundant fish and animal life. It would be a pisser to watch how quickly these so called “civilized” and “enlightened” idiots resort to “inhumane” behavior to fill their bellys

    • – Moderator

      Ah, yes. The beautiful people!
      Absolutely foolish. Linda Mean! They just slay me, man!