The NEFMC/ENGO Edsel – Editorial: Time to put brakes on bogus ocean ‘habitat’ measure

The federal Habitat Omnibus Amendment, already a confounding six years in the works, has a nice ring to it. [email protected]  The Edsel is most notorious for being a marketing disaster. Indeed, the name “Edsel” became synonymous with the “real-life” commercial failure of the predicted “perfect” product or product idea. Similar ill-fated products have often been colloquially referred to as “Edsels”. Since the Edsel program was such a debacle, it gave marketers a vivid illustration of how not to market a product. The principal reason the Edsel’s failure is so infamous is that Ford had absolutely no idea that the failure was going to happen until after the vehicles had been designed and built, the dealerships established and $400 million invested in the product’s development and launch. Incredibly, Ford had presumed to invest $400 million (well over $4.0 billion in the 21st century) in developing a new product line without attempting to determine whether such an investment would be wise or prudent. wiki 06:52

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  1. - Moderator says:

    From the Editorial:

    “In a nutshell,(KEY WORD-NUT) the proposed habitat amendment will narrow down and designate specific areas of the ocean that will be open to commercial fishermen in the Northeast fishery, perhaps as early as the winter of 2015. And it is once again a measure that would inevitably shut far too many doors on a core American industry that is already in the grips of a recognized “economic disaster” — and one created by our own federal government at that.

    For one thing — and here’s a surprise — the coalition and other fishing groups are again raising dire questions about the credibility of the science used by what’s being called the Closed Area Technical Team.”

    The Edsel analogy is dead on.

    This “OMNIBUS” (a single legislative document containing many laws or amendments;) is six years in the making, which totally ignores the realities of the eco changes recorded over the last three years!

    It ignores the science of the last three years, and beyond, and assumes that these migrating to favorable creature comfort fish will just stay where they (the nuts) want them to stay. Because.

    But the ENGO half wit’s that will continue the NEFMC/ENGO roll out come hell or high water, empowered with false P-R petition campaigns, twitter clutter, and repetitive monkey see, monkey do commentary, will continue in the name of CONservation.

    Their own!


    I’ve been trying to enlighten everyone on the GDT Fishery Blogs for the past four years about the Big Picture. Janie was very successful in muting the Voice of the Fisheries with her Catch Shares Constipation. Ignorance is bliss and Obama counted on it. All Americans should’ve been aware of his plans to take OUR COMMON PROPERTY.
    As far as using your given name goes it looks like someone’s telling you how to run your PAPER RAY!!!
    A Guest Like could be from me.
    God Bless Richard Gaines and his Family

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