Scott Brown, the voters and the Okie-Doke

Okie-Doke: “to swindle, cheat, hoodwink or hoax.”  Popular synonyms include bamboozle, baffle, befuddle, confound, delude, dupe, and my favorite – flimflam. It’s antonym is “to be forthright.”

What has been lost to the flim flam?

One of the only Senators that really has dogged Jane Lubchenco for full accountability.

Elizabeth Warren in her victory speech reached out to the Brown supporters.

Senator Elect Warren, action speak louder than words.

You have called for the release of Special Master Charles Swartwoods second report.

It’s time to deliver.


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  1. ecnewellman says:

    When the election news was breaking that Elizabeth "Really I am a Cherokee" Warren had won the senate election in Massachusetts, I knew at that time it was time to pack up my toys, shut the computer off and get my butt in bed. Tomorrow was going to be a very long day for us in America who supported Governor Mitt Romney and the republican candidates around this country.

    It was a "perception & like-ability" election where a little over 50 percent of the United States swallowed the DNC party line to be afraid of the ONE percent who are not paying their fair share, or protecting a woman's private parts. The perception that President Zero and his supporting cast of "brainless" Joe, "Fast & Furious" Holder, Steven "Green Energy" Chu, "Big Sis" Homeland-Jane, "Pantsuits" Hillary and "Climate Change" Jane of NOAA second act, will make their lives that much better over the next four years. For the other 49% in this country who have force-ably taken a big bite out of the crap sandwich served up by President Zero, it will be a very trying time to keep our heads above water on till the 2016 general election. With the bad news breaking, I wrote this:

    Well it seems there are those out there who just want a very different country then what our Founding Fathers envisioned when they formed this once great nation. We now have a ideologically divided country, more partisan then ever, and with the House of Representatives the guardians to protect us from the likes of President Zero, Harry Reid, Elizabeth "the faux-cherokee" Warren, and all the other tax & spend-o-crats for the next four years. Rance Priebus and the Republican party are going to have to do some very deep thinking when they go to bed tonight on who they are going to promote for the party in 2016 to run for the presidency. It is going to have to be someone who is extremely likeable, good looking, with the the gift of gab from a big electoral college state and most of all, of Hispanic descent along with a woman on the ticket. Marco Rubio or newly elected Ted Cruz, be leaders in the senate, and hopefully one of the current female republican governors will take the reins to become a national figure. Co-opting a line once used by the great actress Bette Davis in 'All About eve', 'buckle your seatbelts, we're in for a bumpy four years." Governor Mitt Romney, you gave it your all to the last hours of this election….thank you for the extremely honorable campaign your ran with Paul Ryan. For a few moments, you gave us hope.

    A heartfelt thank you is owed by the fishing community to Senator Scott Brown for his strong support on some very difficult fishing issues. Hopefully, this setback will be put behind, and just maybe he will consider running for governor of the state Massachusetts.

    As for the release of Special Master Charles Swartwoods second report…from what we have seen over the last four years of the Zero administration, odds are, and it is highly probable that the mindset of NOAA and NMFS, WILL NOT CHANGE, nor those involved in the reported OLE malfeasance, will be held fully accountable.

  2. borehead says:

    I will not sit back on this issue and will now be dogging Liz Warren relentlessly to have this released. She said she wanted it released, well it's time to shit orget off the pot.
    Liz Warren insures that this administrations plans to parcel off ocean real estate deeds to the highest bidder for ocean industrialization, and to ratify LOST will seel the deal.
    Looking at the electorate, the Massachusetts governor, and the exclusion of all state offices to get voters registered with the exception of the Department of Welfare , the mandate was clear.

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