Canadian firm hopes to save salmon by spiking ocean with fertilizer, but even Greenpeace condemns ‘rogue science’

Two men stand in a small art gallery in Squamish, B.C., and make their case for a plan to create more fish simply by spiking the ocean with fertilizer. “Are there more fish in the sea today than there were 100 years ago, yes or no?” says one of the men, Jason McNamee, repeating a well-rehearsed patter. After a beat, he follows up with, “What have you done about it?” [email protected]

  • R Smith

    A rare Sabertooth whale washed up on shore dead long way from its normal range. Several rare serpentine oarfish have washed ashore dead. Sockeye salmon numbers are also down. We shouldn’t be poisoning the ocean dumping iron into it. Before fertilization of the ocean there should be legitimate studies to see how iron “fertilizing” effects the environment. Greedy corporations shouldn’t be ripping off Native Americans to pollute the ocean as part of a scam to try to get carbon credits. They need to stop violating international law.