Gloucester F/V Terra Nova Sinks, Two Men Retrieved, then Tragedy

terra-nova-3BOSTON − Coast Guard crews rescued two male crew members after a commercial fishing vessel that was taking on water sank three miles east of Cape Ann, Mass., at approximately 10:30 p.m., Friday. The crew reported six feet of water in the forward cabin of the vessel and the onboard pumps were not able to keep up with the flooding. The crew anchored the vessel, donned immersion suits and abandoned ship. photo goodmorninggloucester [email protected] 08:22

With Sadness and Regret. It has been noted that Fisherman David Oakes of South Thomaston Maine has passed. Link

4 Responses to Gloucester F/V Terra Nova Sinks, Two Men Retrieved, then Tragedy

  1. Another vessel gone. Thank God the men were rescued. What strikes me is that there were only two men aboard this vessel. This is another side effect of the ways NMFS (or whatever they call themselves these days) have mismanaged our fisheries and therefore made a dangerous job even more so.
    Two men on an 80′ eastern rig? and all because they can’t harvest enough fish to pay more men.
    What about the Magnuson Stevens Act? What about the provisions in the act that require managers to consider safety at sea? Well?
    These men could have perished and the reason? Bullshit! It’s all bullshit. Another example of the government not having any accountability and not obeying the law.
    A day of reckoning draws nearer and nearer.

  2. David Kelley says:

    they were not in the act of fishing but where taking the boat back to Rockland Maine to be scraped!

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