Cape Wind considers R.I. for staging area

Governor Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island has met with officials of the Cape Wind offshore wind project planned  for Massachusetts about possibly using Rhode,,,,,,,,There’s plenty of time. This ocean destroyer will not be built. All the greenheads that think this is eco friendly had better rethink as the ripping and gouging that WILL occur to put this big pile of industrial junk in the ocean habitat they claim to care about WILL destroy it. I realize Chris Matthews was ecstatic for Hurricane Sandy, but when something like that rips through the foolishness of the ENRON leftover Cape Wind? Think about it.

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  1. ecnewellman says:

    "There’s plenty of time." Sure, for President Zero and the "green energy gang"…..four years worth of time to manipulate, co-opt, ram-rod and buy-off anyone or any group that gets in the way of this "wonderful renewable energy scheme." Billions of dollars are being invested and have been invested in research and development, building the factories and training the workers, along with the coordination in planning for the resources needed to bring the materials to and from point A on land, to point B where they were moored into the seafloor. Vegas odds makers would set the betting line on wind farms being a "sure bet" off a number of shorelines in this region….sad to say too.

  2. borehead says:

    The current lawsuits will buy the time, but unless we keep the spurs jammed into their ribs, that time will run out.
    The headline speaks for itself for the peple that will have to pay for it, Mass ratepayers.
    Some of this junk was supposed to be built in Mass. Now nothing will be built in Mass. Now, the douche bags are courting RI, and peckerhead Whithehouse to use RI for staging? Whats in it for the rate payers? higher bills with no benefit.
    Keep remining people what Sandy would've done to this junk.
    Chrissy Matthews was happy for Sandy.

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