Pauly: “Fish moving toward the poles – getting too warm for them,” says less fishing, it can bounce back. umm,They are Moving? Video

Dr. Daniel Pauly has been studying the effects of global warming on our fisheries for the past decade and says we need to make a change before it’s too late. ((Fish are moving towards Poles. Warming. check. Stop Fishing, they will come back. ?) [email protected]  08:00

Is Daniel Pauly Crackers? Dr. Pauly – Joke’s repeatedly about the Gulf of Maine while spewing false narratives


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  1. Chris Scola says:

    If the fish are leaving how will conserving them stop them from migrating.? Wont that just allow more fish to move to another area where they will be caught by someone else? Dr Pauly says that Spot have move north but if N.C. fishermen conserve them they may come back. Why would they come back if conditions are not favorable to them? This guy is just another idiot with a degree,its sickening that people actually take this crap seriously

    • - Moderator says:

      Daniel Pauly is a buffoon.
      The man is out of touch with reality.
      It’s no longer refered to as Global Warming. It’s now called climate change. He may have been studying the effects, but he certainly hasn’t spoken about it, as most of us would have read about it. God knows the Pew powered Society of Environmental Journalists that continuously link his dogma to alarmist articles about fishing would’ve lapped that up like a man stuck in the desert.
      Even more troubling than the next generation of marine scientists listening to this quack, is the fact that the Peter Shelley’s of the world actually believe and share his synopsis writing about depletion, while totally ignoring what the crux of this article is about. Fish migration in search of the phytoplankton that is missing in the Gulf of Maine.

      The False Narrative
      A false narrative is one in which a complete narrative pattern is perceived in a given situation, but it is not an actual narrative at work in the situation. The perception of a false narrative can be due to insufficient or inaccurate information or to insufficient or inaccurate assessment. The creation of a false narrative can be due to naturally occurring narrative patterns, transient contextual framing, inadvertent presentation or intentional deception.


    Is the Sky falling Chicken Little? The Outsourcing of Jobs overseas to Lands that have no control over the Pollution their Factories create enable Domestic Companies to sell Products without being fined by the EPA and such. Not to mention the Labor differential. Our Government enabled this instead of addressing the problem.
    Our Economy would be in a lot better shape if our Manufacturing base hadn’t had the Rug pulled out from underneath it. Basically the Government is cutting our Throats with Knives made in China. Look at the clean up China had to under go for the Olympics to take place there and the Air still wasn’t healthy. So where should we be pointing our Fingers when it comes to having our Economy in the Shitter and Environment under attack. Smells like Government for the Big Corporations.
    I realize we’re talking about Water temperature and if the Tub is full of scolding hot Water and stays hot you’re going to burn the Baby no matter how long you wait.
    The Obama Ocean Policy is playing off of this with support from these same Corporations that set up Trust Funds that fund Non-Profits. These Trusts are set up to hand out a certain amount of Money for so many years. The Funds are so large they actually grow larger while handing out Grants. Then after Trust goes through it’s paces for that set period the remaining Money which is generally larger then the initial Trust goes back to the Heirs TAX FREE. That’s why we see Studies like these. Plus Government is a wide open Target by well funded Non-Profits or Partners with Lawsuits. Generally they are eligible for Federals Grants too.
    We must not forget like the Moon effects the Tides. The Solar effect cycle as the Earth moves toward the Sun and away in an eleven year period plus or minus effects the Earth’s surface temperature.
    Above all recognize that “The Obama Ocean Policy” which includes our Fresh Water will be taking away OUR COMMON PROPERTY and leases it out to Projects that may cause other Environmental Issues remember “BP”? This must be reversed and the U.N.’s “LOST” should be shot down less we lose OUR SOVERIEGNTY of these Areas.

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