Regulators approve higher yellowtail flounder catch- more than twice what was recommended – Good Enough, then.

Northeast fishing regulators have approved a 2013 catch limit for yellowtail flounder on Georges Bank that’s more than twice what was recommended by a committee that negotiates the shared catch with Canada.

Members of the New England Fishery Management Council, who met today in Newport, R.I., said they had no choice, in order to avoid the collapse of the local fishing and scalloping industries.

But it came amid warnings that approval could destroy the longtime trade agreement with Canada. And it came even though the Northeast’s top federal regulator said the approval won’t pass legal muster.

A low catch limit on yellowtail threatens fishermen who chase other species in Georges Bank. Since many accidentally catch yellowtail, they’re given a yellowtail catch limit, which they can’t exceed without triggering severe restrictions that threaten their businesses. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS


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