One important element of RFM is “catch shares”

I’ve identified a webpage at the “Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation” that is evidence of how the NGO’s used the UN and their own puppets at NOAA/NMFS, to push through their catch shares scam.

See how they explain a couple of tools that were designed for this initiative: Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) and Reforming Fisheries Management (RFM). They also mention that they funded the first Step by Step Guide to MSP, published by UNESCO in 2009. I’ve found a copy if this guide, and I hope to be reporting further on it in the near future.  The Moore Foundation partnered with the David & Lucile Packard Foundation on this UN guide.

Catch shares are an “important” part of this MSP strategy. Here is the Moore/Packard/UN checklist for reasons that you might be interested in MSP:

Checklist for defining the usefulness of this guide to MSP

• Do you have (or expect) human activities that adversely affect
important natural areas of your marine area?
• Do you have (or expect) incompatible human activities that
conflict with one another in your marine area?
• Do you need to streamline policies and licensing procedures
affecting the marine environment?
• Do you need to decide on what space is most suitable for the
development of new human activities such as renewable energy
facilities or offshore aquaculture?
• Do you need a vision of what your marine area could or should
look like in another 10, 20, 30 years from now?

It’s interesting how we now have catch shares here in New England, and also plans for large offshore wind farms off the coastline. 

Here are some excerpts from the Marine Conservation Initiative of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation:

Theory of Change
The initiative is built on a Theory of Change that aligns social and
economic incentives with conservation outcomes. Two strategies, MSP
and RFM, target the systemic drivers that degrade ocean habitats and
deplete marine fisheries.

The initiative and its partners support mutually reinforcing activities in
three target geographies in the U.S. and Canada–specifically in British
Columbia, the U.S. West Coast, and New England.
The initiative funded the first Step by Step Guide to MSP, published by
UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization)
in 2010.

The initiative supports projects aligned with the 2010 U.S. Ocean
Policy that help the initiative’s target regions and the National
Ocean Council meet key milestones. These include the creation of
new regional planning bodies

A closer look at Reforming Fisheries Management
The strategy to Reform Fisheries Management (RFM) works to shift
fisheries management from a reactive, command and control structure
to a performance-based system. One important element of RFM is
“catch shares” – programs that allocate a portion of the total catch to
individuals or communities – to meet conservation targets by promoting
ecosystem-based catch limits, better monitoring of catch, and gear
modifications to reduce bycatch.

We have been building up more and more evidence that proves that NOAA & NMFS have implemented the fishing policies of the UN, and the NGO’s that control the UN agenda. This is some solid evidence, and directly from the source of catch shares, one of the large NGO’s.

Among many unknowns that we still need to unravel, one important question remains to be answered. Why do we even pay the personnel at NMFS if they aren’t even creating the fishing policies? All they seem to be doing is taking UN policies, changing the cover page so it has NMFS letterhead, and pushing the UN policies through the regional councils!

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  1. borehead says:

    These queer bastards have no shame when it comes to hypocrisy.
    Great article, and way to dig in, phil. Assholes.

  2. ecnewellman says:

    Question from article:

    "Why do we even pay the personnel at NMFS if they aren’t even creating the fishing policies?'

    Isn't that like:

    "Why do we even pay the people in Congress if they didn't even write nor read the Obamacare legislation or any other large bills that effect the vast amount of citizens in this country?

    Well didn't some San-Francisco-crat say:

    "We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what's in it."

    Haven't you figured it out yet?

    The people we have elected to White House and Congress have become extremely agenda driven to support legislation backed by select, well funded and politically connected unions, NGO and ENGO's, philanthropic foundations, along with "compliant" fortune 500 corporations.

    This has been going on since the Clinton administration in the early nineties, where NGO's and the U.N. embraced each other for each others benefit.

    There is a good power point presentation about the role of NGOs and the U.N, online. In the summary, you will find this talking point:

    "The number of NGOs who are active at the UN has grown rapidly, especially since the 1990s. NGOs have been involved in the UN since its inception; the rate of involvement has grown exponentially."

    Limited Access Programs (LAPs) such as Catch Shares, will thin the fleet in New England. Simply stated, winners and losers become readily apparent among the stakeholders, but also something that was not carefully researched before the implementation of the Catch Share Program in New England. It immediately, radically changed fishing behavior to the point of negatively effecting cod and haddock stocks throughout the Gulf of Maine and Georges Bank fishing grounds.

    In the mad dash by the head puppet masters in this charade the EDF, it treated both the resource and those who fish for the resource, as commodities, without realizing the damage done to fishing industry and to a number of groundfish stocks.

    Fishermen in New England have been ram-rodded pretty deep into the Catch Shares mess, and to unwind the program, will be pretty difficult to do now as both the state of Massachusetts choosing Cherokee-LIz over a friend of the fishing industry, Senator Scott Brown, and country at large, shockingly pointed out on the night of November 6th.

    Hold onto your memories…..develop a skill-set unrelated to fishing so you can earn a living. The so called "big-tent" talking points of looking out for the middle class, of course are pillow talk to get the current occupier of the White House, re-elected.

    Sadly, stories such as these, will be read by few, and more so, with fewer even given a dam, as the New England fishing industry will be very much different over the next few years.

    • borehead says:

      I dislike your prediction ec, but I can't dispute it.
      Its obviously true.

      • scupguy says:

        “Occasionally the tree of Liberty must be watered with the blood of Patriots and Tyrants.” Thomas Jefferson

        At the rate we are going revolution is almost assured. Look at what's happening in Greece and Europe. The tree of liberty is in need of fertilizer.

        • borehead says:

          There are alot of pissed off people, and who could blame 'em?
          I really hate to say this 'cause I've always been live and let live, but the liberal agenda represents nothing like that.
          It takes more than it gives.

    • philips66 says:

      You are so correct. They are the fabian socialists. They have taken over NOAA, and EPA, dept of Energy, even the DOT. Eco-frauds, the puppets of the big green mafia, they are calling the shots all across the Obama administration…

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