Capt. Dave Marciano: Catch shares for tuna could end fishery

macianoThe end of the tuna fishery has begun. No one thought that giving one group of selected wealthy individuals their own special quota in the guise of conservation would lead to the demise of the groundfish fleet on Gloucester. But, yes, the greed-driven thugs got ideas as to how they could steal the resource for themselves. The weeks leading up to Christmas have historically been a very busy time for fishermen, but now, five years or so later, Gloucester Harbor is a dead stick. [email protected]  11:37

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    With the Rules being set by Fools suffering from Rectal Cranial Inversion It may be time for the East to take a page from the Old West. Round up the Posse and let them know we’re not Pussies.

    This is just another page out of “The Obama Ocean Policy” and the U.N.’s “LOST”.

    Bend over and repeat after me “Thank You Sir may I please have another”…

  2. Catch Shares Suck.Plain and simple. It changes the traditional owner operator business to nothing more than another commodity to be bought by hedgefunders and stockbrokers. Keep the boots on deck fishermen and get rid of all the rest. Get rid of EDF and there trustifarian meddling. Bring fishing back to what it was meant to be, a fairly decent buisiness for a guy with no education if he was willing to work till he dropped. There are to many halfass pussyboy poser wannabe fisherman, and I’m not talking about anybody who’s out on the water day to day now,that are calling the shots.Real fisherman dont own 16 boats, and spend there time scheming and going to meetings. They dont spend there days looking to be the ” last one standing” . They spend there time fishing there asses off and working on there boat when there not at sea. If you cant make a living fishing 1 boat ,then get out and become a hedgefunder. No more catch scams.

    • Spot on Dave. Way too many willing to feather their own nests at their neighbors or fellow fishermens expense. Sad state of affairs.
      If they put the same energy into fighting big brother as they put into becoming the poster child for the eco fraud groups lined up against us perhaps we not be in the terrible shape we are in.

      It has been a well orchestrated plan using the oldest tricks in the book. Divide and conquer, throw them just enough rope and they will hang themselves. This is the sad reality we face today. To those who screw their fellow fishermen all I can say is your day will come. Karma is a bitch!!!!!

  3. Chuck Etzel says:

    Your right Dave. There is a large group of people that put all there energy into taking and stealing from people that build and produce. The roll out of catch shares was a perfect example of how a few fishermen that thought that they could survive at the expense of others. How are they doing now? Any better than 5 years ago.

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