Gloucesterman haunted by urge to go to sea, loss of vessel

Joe Orlando still wakes up in the night, when the wind is whistling, and wonders if he should go down to the Gloucester House and make sure the Padre Pio’s lines are secure. There still are days when the longtime Gloucester fisherman, as if lured by something invisible and irresistible, finds himself heading toward the dock to check on his boat. “I say to myself, ‘What am I doing’?” Orlando said. He is doing what he’s done for the past 30 years, what he’s done since he bought the 65-foot steel fishing boat in 1983 in partnership with his sister Angela Sanfilippo and her husband John. There’s only problem: Orlando no longer owns the Padre Pio. [email protected]  01:58

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  1. - Moderator says:

    The bureaucratic government killing machine continues to pick off the independent fishermen, one by one.

    Where are the politicians that should be calling for heads to roll, as Charley Grassley said was going to happen?

    This is a shameful turn of events.

  2. Tina Jackson says:

    Most of our so-called politicians have given nothing but lip-service and empty promises. They have promised controlling shares to those organizations that have sold out their fellow brother n sisters to “own it all”. Funny thing is that what comes around goes around and thank God they got their just rewards first. 80% reduction on YT and 78% reduction on their cod. That’s what happens when you play the game n expect our legislators to fight for us. Or at least keep their promises. I have refused to take money from groups to tote an. Agenda that would hurt others. I’d rather be dirt poor and advocating than take money and lose my dignity and self-respect. I know I can look at myself in the mirror. Can they?? Not likely. God don’t like ugly and he’s proven that and punished those who sold out. There is hope. Please don’t give up folks!!!!! We just can’t afford to.

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