Sam Novello urges eased whiting limits – Getting the bureaucracy run around

gdt iconNovello said he first approached National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency staff with his idea and was told to bring his proposal to the NEFMC. ”I think they were giving me a bit of the runaround,” Novello said. He then contacted the Newburyport-based NEFMC and said he was told no changes could be made to the area’s fishing schedule until 2015 at the earliest. ”That’s it,” Novello said. “That’s all I got.” Not so, said Andrew Applegate, NEFMC’s small mesh multi-species plan coordinator. Applegate said he did not shut the door on Novello’s proposal, that he instead told the Gloucester fisherman that the process for changing the regulations is a lengthy one, involving the development of new rules, the submission of the rules for review and then the actual implementation by NOAA Fisheries NMFS.   [email protected]  00:35

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