US AquaBounty genetically-modified salmon eggs approved for commercial exports by Environment Canada – Lack of egg export limit puzzles scientists

FrankenFishDylan Fraser and David Meerburg are independent scientists who were part of a 23-member panel that reviewed a risk assessment document from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. AquaBounty is producing eggs in Bay Fortune, P.E.I. for salmon that are genetically-modified to grow twice as fast as regular salmon.The eggs are exported to Panama to be grown into full-size fish. The American company has applied to the U.S. FDA to be allowed to sell the fish as food in the U.S. AquaBounty applied to Environment Canada to export the eggs commercially if it gets that FDA approval. The P.E.I. plant has been operating as a research facility, but Environment Canada has approved it for commercial production. [email protected]  19:26

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