Recieved from Johnny Mann, Hooper Bay western Alaska

Message Body: Hello my name is Johnny Mann from Hooper Bay western Alaska, we fish for halibut from 50 feet of shore to where every the waters permit us to go.  We are under csp which I know reading from that does not have enough concrete evidence of the biomass/ density on the floor of our region without the set line surveys and fisherman data as our southern regions. As 44 thousand in 03,04 were tagged we have not caught one halibut of that survey.  Then in 09 200 were tagged again same result not even one caught in our region 4e. Our northern community scammony bay 40 miles north east of us catches there halibut three weeks later northwest of us about 20 plus miles of us.  Migratory route??  We need set line surveys and fisherman data for the concrete evidence on biomass/density of our halibut. Thank you, Johnny. 13:11

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