MSA: Renewal of fisheries law brings back debate over managing stocks

As a Star Wars movie, the title might be: Return of the Anglers, Net Fishermen Fight Back.Catching fish and saving fish are real-life pursuits, however, not a movie. The people who catch fish had the nation’s premier federal fishing law on their side until reauthorizations of the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act in 1996 and 2006. Those reauthorizations of a law originally enacted in 1976 to kick foreign fishermen off the coast and boost the U.S. fishing industry were heavily influenced by environmental groups trying to save fish stocks. The effort has produced some success stories, but it has also put a lot of fishermen out of business. Read [email protected]  14:41

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  1. - Moderator says:

    Ted Morton, and the Pew Oil phonies are non productive members of society. eight or nine years, Teddy? More like twenty years of interloper meddling, perverting issues, and hogging at the ENGO trough. You ought to be ashamed of the lies, and fantasizing fables you and your oil funded, corporate backed, lawsuit creating, non profit (tax payer subsidized) ENGO Gang Green goons.
    But, hey! We all gotta make a living, right?
    ” Ted Morton, director of U.S. Oceans, Federal Fisheries for the Pew Charitable Trusts.”
    Big title. Big money. Big deal.
    “acknowledged climate changes are partly to blame.”?
    Anyone paying attention to any of these issues is aware of the latest articles explaining this phenomenon has been taking place for the past four decades, and realizes that as much as these boobs want to continue talking about over fishing being the cause, they offer this caveat? Shallow bastards.
    A quote in this article that must be noted,
    “We need more flexibility, more ability for the managers to manage without being bound by unrealistic requirements, sometimes silly and damaging requirements. You can’t get everything to MSY at once. You have a bunch of fish species in the same ecological niche. They eat the same stuff, when they aren’t eating each other,”
    If these ENGO groups are successful at derailing flexibility in the Reauthorization of MSA, only they are to blame for the continuance of fishery management failure, something they relish, because if there is no crisis, real, or fabricated, their shtick is something they crusade against, unsustainable.

    • and to top off these idiots adgender, is puting for observer coverage for a guy(me) that has 2.500 lbs of codfish for the year and paying for it! how on earth did it get like this??we are not the enemy, the oil companys own the ocean,jelly fish jane proved it !

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