It’s fisherman, bitches.

There’s a woman in Stonington, Maine who is trying to find another gear option for women in the commercial fishing industry. A couple of months ago she asked women who fish for pictures of themselves in their gear or fishing to illustrate how many women are working in the industry. Last I checked, which was just a couple of seconds ago, she had over 250 pictures of some amazing women clad in loose oil-pants, too-long-sleeved jackets, and poor-fitting gloves. Now, when Genevieve (that’s the fisherman of whom I was speaking) first asked for these pictures, I’m not gonna lie, I hesitated. My oil-pants fit OK. Read [email protected]  13:04

  • Dick Grachek

    Great article Monique! I’ve always resented that “fishers” condescension as well, and you really nailed it. Keep writing, please. Your voice is needed.
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