Wrecking the Sea Bed with Offshore Wind (Part 1) – Wrecking the Sea Bed with Offshore Wind (Part 2)

Pt 1, As Offshore windfarms go, there is nothing remarkable about Navitus Bay. Most of the data in the following few posts, shocking as it is, will equally apply to similar schemes elsewhere in the country. But before I start, I feel I need to emphasise how poor offshore wind farms are at generating electricity. We need to keep this in mind when we look at the massive environmental damage done by their construction. Read [email protected]

Undersea Cabling, Trenching, Ploughing and Encasement.     Read more here  20:32

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    Has anyone documented the Bottom and Species of Fish, Vegetation, and other Creatures that were there before and after a Wind Shill has run and then Dead on the Water? The failed Ventures should be easily reviewed. Italy may be a good start and don’t be surprised if they mention Cape Wind.

  2. STRIPEDBASSHOLE… next to Obama-Carescam, so called Green Energy projects are the next biggest drain upon the people’s wallet in this country. We have seen the clown-car circus from NOAA and NMFS over the years, and heavens forbid you entangle a protected mammal or hook a turtle, or cause accidental harm to a migratory bird species on your land….but digging up acres of the ocean off our coast to install Wind Farms and the transmission lines back to somewhere along the shoreline, and that just seems “fine and dandy” to those big, bloated federal government agencies who just love to legislate everything in our lives.

    Lets just make it simple for everyone to understand…. THIS IS A RAID ON YOUR POCKET BOOK ONCE AGAIN because GREEN ENERGY, while being green with envy by those deep pocketed investors, is far from safe and can never compete per kilo, mega, or whatever watt you want to measure it by, with fossil fuel.

    In the end, we all are going to pay, and the disposable income that is supposed to go to pay for the other things in life we have to pay for and/or enjoy, will instead end up being confiscated by those in Washington to subsidize those big investors in this green energy fraud.

    From the article: “World’s biggest offshore wind farm with 300 turbines will be built in Lincolnshire”

    To wit:

    “Despite increasing public anger at the subsidies paid for green power, ministers have shown no sign of changing course.

    Last month , Ed Davey, the Energy Secretary, promised guaranteed prices – fixed at up to triple the market rate – for electricity from ‘green’ technologies such as wind, solar and biomass until 2019, in a bid to expand the sector.

    Ministers say the financial incentive will make Britain an attractive place to invest and transform our energy supply, and are hoping that 30 per cent of power produced by 2020 will be from renewables.

    Onshore wind farms are set to be given a minimum of £100 per megawatt hour – double the current wholesale rate of £50 – while offshore wind will receive a staggering £150.

    The difference between the wholesale price and the agreed rate will be met by the taxpayer.”


    “Met by the tax payers……”

    Keep up with the latest GREEN CORRUPTION here:


    The clock is ticking for the 2014 Midterm Elections… just remember who in Congress has supported these scams against the American people.


    You can’t forget the down time and reliability of this form of Energy too. The Units are designed to run at safe wind speeds or they shut down. Then the ability and access to service the Units during the Winter Months. Given these facts how do you apply and rely on this form of Energy to make up a reasonable portion of the Grid?
    When a Power Plant goes down they have to make up for the Power they were providing. This is when the Power has to be covered by another Source at a premium Cost. Has everyone forgot about ENRON???

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