New England fishing industry blames government limits for downfall – They’re right, but citizens don’t “get it” in Knoxville!

As fishermen are sidelined, taking their boats out of service for lack of work, New England’s marine industry that repairs, stores and cleans boats is next in line to feel the hit. Wilcox, owner of Wilcox Marine Supply, blames the federal government and the fishing limits it’s imposed. In Stonington, he said, the number of draggers — fishermen who drag nets behind their boats —has dropped since the mid-1990s from 50 to two. His business, which employed 13 people in the early 1990s, has dwindled to just himself. Read [email protected]  15:27  Read the comments at the bottom.

  • Dandog

    Gotta love all those comments from those seafaring folk in Knoxville especially the one about just wait 15 yrs or so for stocks to rebuild… or something like that… too bad the “D” bag doesn’t realize that the fleet just suffered through 16 yrs of draconian cuts and all was supposed to be good by now,what a bunch of uninformed freakin morons

  • They had to run this in the Knoxville news because all of the local New England media outlets are controlled by the liberals, aka the racial enviro freaks.