Belhaven Fisherman helps Navy pilot who crashed off Va. Beach

The constant “buzzing” of a fighter jet overhead Wednesday afternoon likely alerted Bryan Daniels that something wasn’t right. Navy fighter jets are a common sight for commercial fishermen who ply the waters of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Virginia Beach. The jets fly back and forth on training runs and have no contact with the watermen below, who also don’t pay them much mind. Read [email protected]  13:45

  • Way to go Bryan!


      Here’s an example of a safety Net that the new Fishery Rules has removed. The Good Samaritan Life Guards are far fewer in number now. The experienced Waterman (Fishermen) have saved numerous lives. Having several Vessels in several Areas created a Safety Net that no Professional Rescue Crew could cut the response time down when Minutes count. Kudos to you Bryan.