New Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound Cape Wind lawsuit: Mass. exceeded its authority

sct logoThe suit alleges that state regulators exceeded their authority in setting wholesale rates for the contract in violation of both the Federal Power Act and the Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution, which reserves that power for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Read [email protected]  10:12:29

Boston Herald Editorial: Tilting at … you know  – It’s a poorly kept secret that the Patrick administration engaged in a form of state-sanctioned extortion. Now the lawsuit will seek to prove that NStar was forced to agree to buy that expensive power from Cape Wind or risk having state regulators oppose the firm’s merger with Northeast Utilities.

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  1. What have I been saying over the last few years? This is the CRONY CAPITALISM SCAMS that the Obama Administration is ramming down the throats of the people in this country.

    How come we keep seeing this statement pop up on the cost put on both the rate payer and the tax payer:

    “Of course, it’s consumers who will end up paying the price — estimated at about $1 billion extra over the length of the contract with Cape Wind.”

    Some European countries are finally throwing in the towel when it comes to subsidizing, or forcing the people to subsidize green energy power projects.

    Green Energy, just does not give the “bang for the buck” nor is as reliable as good old fossil fuel does, and will not, for years to come.

    One continues to see in the news the words “failed”, “scam”, “violations” and “fraud” when when we talk about green energy companies and the associated projects such as Cape Wind.

    Mention this to those politicians running for office this upcoming mid-term election. Ask them “why they continue to allocate tax payer money to certain government agencies to dish out in the form of loans, grants and tax credits for green energy?”

    Here was a little article on this topic, written a month ago:

    “Green” energy subsidies benefit the politically connected while harming future generations as hundreds of millions of dollars are added to the country’s debt burden with each green failure. It’s time to end all subsidies—for all energy companies, not just green ones—and let the best technologies win.”

    Fail: US Has Wasted $154 Billion on ‘Renewable Energy’ –

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