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 5 FISHING VESSEL DECKHANDS needed for Predator Fisheries Inc., New Bedford, MA to work aboard Atlantic Ocean bound boat owned and operated by Predator Fisheries, Inc. 2mo. exp. req. for temporary work from 03/01/2014 to 12/31/2014. Fishing trip will last from 12-16 days depending on catch, fo…od and lodging provided. $17.74/hr. 40hr/wk, No O/T, 6AM-3PM. Job entails prep. of trawler for fishing activities: putting nets into water and retrieving them, sort, preserve and offload catch. Assist Captain and Riggers as needed. To apply send resume to Antonio M. Pacheco @ fax 1-888-458-3210 or [email protected] Job #3522940. Ad paid by an E.O.E. Found in our HELP WANTED category. The ad 11:30  When commenting, check the two boxes to receive notification of other comments and replies.

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  1. Chris Scola says:

    Is this an actual fishing job?. What happens if you haul back at 2 and the pen is still loaded at 3 ? Are you supposed to actually walk off deck at 3 since you’re not getting overtime, and leave the fish to rot ?
    Do they expect to haul back more than 2 times a day with those working hours ? Do you not have the chance to make more than $156.06 per day if the fishing is good ? I really don’t know what to make of this. Is it a joke, or is this the fucked up reality of whats gonna happen when corporations totally control the fishing industry ?

  2. Chris Scola says:

    I guess theres a chance they might get a couple of experienced guys who have been on the beach a while and are desperate to go fishing. But the reality is that if they do get experienced guys they will be guys who have worn out there welcome throughout the fleet because they have issues and the rest will be green guys or immigrants who are desperate to do anything. Either way, I wouldn’t sleep well with any of those guys on watch.

    • - Moderator says:

      Yeah. If they do get someone stupid enough to do it, they sure won’t be the cream of the crop.
      It sets a lousy precedent.

  3. JJ says:

    That is really funny…..I am betting it is shift work and they have other people to cover the rest of the day. The good news is that operations like that one provide a place to train new crewmembers which will most likely get better jobs the moment they k ow enough to move on. As for the crew with large amounts of personal problems we all have to sort through those. (I think a class action lawsuit against the pharmaceutical companies for screwing up our work forces future may be feasible at some point.)

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