MSA Reauthorization: Battle lines form over changes to primary national fishing law

Proposed changes to the nation’s primary fishing law will mean stocks take longer to rebuild and, in the long run, will hurt the marine environment and cost the fishing industry jobs. Or, the revisions will not hurt fish stocks, even as they take longer to rebuild; there is no harm to the environment; and immediate jobs will be created or in some cases saved.

Hastings calls it the “Strengthening Fishing Communities and Increasing Flexibility in Fisheries Management Act.” It is widely supported by both the commercial and recreational fishing industries in southern New Jersey. But environmental groups, in a telephone press conference on Friday, called it the “Empty Oceans Act.” Read [email protected]   07:57

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  1. After seeing what catch shares have done to people in New England, how can anyone be serious about using this as a management tool.
    All it will do is divide the industry into two groups, winners and losers. And another wonderful byproduct of these scams will be to destroy friendships, families and general good will towards each other.
    Greed = fragmentation, division and hatred. Together we stand, divided we fall. It’s that simple.

  2. - Moderator says:

    Something in the article struck me. If it’s not reauthorized, there will be no possibility of eradicating dogfish to reasonable levels, preventing a codfish recovery.


    The Magnuson Fisheries Act of 1976 would of worked out just fine if the Commerce Department hadn’t funded an overcapitalized Fleet. They looked at the already depleted Ocean as an endless resource.
    After that blew up in there Face PEW gained traction. Here we have an Organization formed through a Tax-Shelter, squandered money. PEW has bought it self a Big Political Ear with squandered Money. To think money that should’ve gone to Taxes is being used to put hard working People out of Business.
    With Sectors and catch shares silencing the majority of the Fisheries and working Waterfront.The Executive Order known as “THE OBAMA OCEAN POLICY” has stolen OUR COMMON PROPERTY. With Trillions in Debt he figures he’s going to pull a Rabbit out of his Ass and solve these Money woes by leasing out this newly acquired Federal Land.
    We need to reverse this Policy and prevent the U.N’s “LOST” which will cost us our SOVERIEGNTY of these Waters. WATER the Worlds most important Resource.
    Wake up AMERICA that Policy includes Rivers, Lakes, and other Wet Lands aside from the Oceans.

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