BIG STORY: Dongwon’s environmental damages total at least $40m, allege US lawyers

The crews of vessels allegedly controlled by Dongwon Industries in the South Pacific threw 50 gallons of oil at a time into the sea, in addition to habitually using the ocean as a dumping ground for plastic and oil filled rags, according to court documents from the law firm Moore & Company. Such negligence was rampant during the vessels’ five years of fishing in the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of the South Pacific — a region that only company’s controlled by US citizens can have licences for — alleges Moore & Company, which filed an amendment claim against the company on Jan. 10. The story of Dongwon’s alleged illegal use of US fishing licenses – a scheme using US-based LLCs and the US citizenship status of the nieces of Dongwon chairman Jae-chul Kim – may be intriguing, but emails and voice mails cited in court documents paint an equally dramatic picture of environmental law violations. Read [email protected] 16:36

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