Disingenuous Bastards: Environmental lawyers transmogrify ESA’s original mission into a conversion vehicle of monetary gain

Despite the hundreds of billions of tax dollars spent over the years implementing the ESA, a new congressional report made public Tuesday provides abundant evidence that the law has been hijacked by environmental lawyers working on the taxpayer’s dime. Center for Biological Diversity and similar-minded Big Green outfits like Wild Earth Guardians “taking advantage of strict and unworkable statutory deadlines in the ESA, have filed literally hundreds of ESA lawsuits and thousands of petitions, and in essence, have overtaken the ESA priorities of the FWS and NMFS.”Read more here 07:12

  • willie etheridge

    Environmentalist is killing this country. Who the fuck are they anyway. A bunch of pot smoking hippies. They get all of this free money that they don’t have to pay taxes on and use it to put the working man out of business..

    • Willie please look at this documentary and share widely. People need to wake up.


    Composting and Recycling are good ideas. Tax Sheltered Trusts that fund Organizations are just a legal form of Money Laundering. Then these Sky is falling Organizations use guilt to scam off the meek and elderly. Then this Organized Grime sues the EPA and any other easy Target. Ironically their funding comes from Trusts funded by some of the biggest Super Fund Offenders. Lets break for a BP Gulf feel good Commercial.
    You won’t see any friendly fire here. Maybe a Cross Pen lost in an odd place. Hardly lethal more then likely pleasure and easy removed my a Proctologist.
    Well folks that’s about it you’d be surprised how many Heads should be pulled out.
    It’s time to remove this invasive Species.